RNS Website Redesign

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rns mobile home page

I rebuilt and redesigned the entire ReligionNews.com frontend. ReligionNews.com gets over 2 million page views a month, so we needed a fast, highly SEO optimized site. The new frontend’s page speed is 2x faster than the previous site and SEO has been improved 15% — helping to double our Alexa ranking. The new site also has many UX improvements.

rns desktop home page
rns post page
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New Features

  • Reading progress - a sidebar widget that counts how many of today's popular posts a user a read.
  • Dynamic lazy loading based on device.
  • Trending topic area – when there are important news events, a trending topic area appears on the home page.
  • RNS Photo galleries - large, beautiful, and fully customizable galleries for photo based stories.
  • An analytics backend tool to load calculate e-commerce order averages.
  • Crop featured image functionality to re-position thumbnails.
  • Featured video on posts.
  • A pop-up video modal for sponsored posts.
  • Google Page View Insights score on average improved from 10-25 point range to 50-90 point range.
  • RNS Forms to accept payments, create subscriptions, make posts, generate downloads, and sign users up for newsletters.
  • And many other small UX improvements.