My name is Dan Caldwell. I am interested in software, design, and great user experience.

Fun Facts:

  • My first website was dan.wf (the .wf stands for the island of Wallis and Futuna).
  • I made a fingerboard grip tape company when I was 16 called Creamy Goo.
  • When I was in high school I’d go to the grocery store and get a six pack of Kool-Aid Bursts for $1, then I’d walk into town and sell the Kool-Aids at $1 each (one of my most profitable business excursions).
  • I briefly had a side business of buying broken Macbooks on eBay and would repair and resell them. Most of the time, many people will sell a broken Macbook even if just the hard drive is dead. Simply replace the hard drive and resell for profit!
  • My favorite book ever is Behave by Robert Sapolsky.
  • LinkedIn: ~dan